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  1. Sales and Product Registration

    1. What is the difference between an "update" and an "upgrade"?
    2. How do I fix it when Windows 8/10 says that "this app won't run"?
    3. Upgrading your Notation Musician or Notation Composer software
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  2. Download, Install, and Configure

    1. How do I know what chip my Mac is using?
    2. Installation is aborting about 2/3 through.
    3. I keep getting an "old" download file showing up when I use my update download link for my Notation Software product. How do I clear my browser cache so I can get the most up-to-date download?
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  3. How to Use Notation Products

    1. Creating/viewing PDF files
    2. Notation Musician 2 User's Guide
    3. Notation Composer 2 User's Guide
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  4. Problems or Error messages

    1. My antivirus/malware protection software says the download is a virus - why is that?
    2. Trying to install and getting an "ERROR: no access...." message - what do I do?
    3. Why doesn't the "P" + tap-the-touchpad work to move the playback cursor on my laptop?
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  5. Miscellaneous

    1. Does Notation Software support Windows XP?
    2. Where can I find MIDI files of songs I want to play or practice?
    3. How do I re-enable the GS Wavetable in version 3 of Notation Software products?
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  6. Affiliate Support

    1. How can I review my affiliate commissions and payments?
    2. I have signed up as an affiliate. How do I set up the links from my web site to Notation Software's?
    3. How do I sign up as an affiliate?
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  7. Trial Versions

    1. Are Notation products compatible with Windows 8?
  8. Free Notation Player

    1. Free Notation Player
  9. Redownload Purchased Software

    1. How do I transfer my license to another machine?
    2. Redownload Purchased Software

    1. Discounted upgrades for version 2 to version 3 are no longer available.
    2. Getting the latest update for my version
    3. Support for version 2 has ended
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