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  1. Sales and Product Registration »

    1. Upgrading your Notation Musician or Notation Composer software
    2. What is the pricing policy for future upgrades of Notation products?
    3. Does Notation Software offer notation scanning software?
  2. Download, Install, and Configure »

    1. During installation, why am I asked to "please enter the disk labeled #1"?
    2. Why haven't I received my download link?
    3. Why does my antivirus software show a problem with my download link?
  3. How to Use Notation Products »

    1. Desktop shortcut for Mac - how do I make one?
    2. Are there any tutorial videos available?
    3. How can I use VST instruments with Notation products?
  4. Problems or Error messages »

    1. MIDI Device is not showing up
    2. Ensemble templates - when I use "Create New" in Notation Composer, the ensemble list is empty. What do I do?
    3. I've associated my Notation product with MIDI (.mid) files - why does some other media player play those files in my browser?
  5. Miscellaneous »

    1. How do I re-enable the GS Wavetable in version 3 of Notation Software products?
    2. Version 2 support ending November 30, 2015
    3. What is the difference between an "update" and an "upgrade"?
  6. Affiliate Support »

    1. How can I review my affiliate commissions and payments?
    2. I have signed up as an affiliate. How do I set up the links from my web site to Notation Software's?
    3. How do I sign up as an affiliate?
  7. Trial Versions »

    1. Are Notation products compatible with Windows 8?
  8. Free Notation Player »

    1. Free Notation Player
  9. Redownload Purchased Software »

    1. Redownload Purchased Software

    1. Discounted upgrades for version 2 to version 3 are no longer available.
    2. Getting the latest update for my version
    3. Support for version 2 has ended
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