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Current versions of Notation run on Windows 7 and 8, but not MidiNotate 4.0

Current versions 2.0 and above of Notation Composer and Musician run well on Windows 7 and 8.  We have received some reports of problems with version 1.0 through 1.0.9 running on newer Windows versions.  We have also had a few reports of problems with our very old MidiNotate, version 4.0.9 and before on newer Windows as well.

MidiNotate 4.0.9 was replaced by Notation Musician 1.0 many years ago, and has since then been updated to version 2.6.3.  If you have been happy using MidiNotate 4.0.9, but wish to run it on a newer version of Windows and are experiencing problems, please consider upgrading to Notation Musician, which is a much improved version of MidiNotate, and which runs in newer versions of Windows.  We'd appreciate your support for our continued product development, including supporting new versions of Windows, by purchasing an upgrade to our newer products.  Our upgrade price is very reasonable.
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