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What should I do if the MidiNotate Backup Utility does not work?

(Please note that this question is for the now obsolete product MidiNotate, not for newer versions of Notation software products.)

The MidiNotate Backup Utility included with MidiNotate has been reported to be unreliable both when backing up the software and later when restoring the software.

We advise you to not use the MidiNotate Backup Utility, which was included with the full purchased version of MidiNotate.

If your system has a writeable CD-ROM drive, or ZIP drive, or other means to storing relatively large (4 or 5Mb) files, then you can copy the MidiNotate409Setup.exe directly to the CD-ROM, ZIP disk, etc.

If your system has only a floppy drive, then you can use an archiving tool such as WinZip to backup the MidiNotate409Setup.exe file to multiple (3 or 4) floppy disks.

If you have previously backed up MidiNotate using the MidiNotate Backup Utility and now find that you cannot reinstall MidiNotate using the saved program files, then you can redownload your purchased copy of MidiNotate at no charge. Please visit and follow the instructions on the page.
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