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How do I back up my purchased copy of Notation?

For version 2 and previous:  If your system has a writeable CD-ROM drive, or ZIP drive, or other means to storing relatively large (6 to 13Mb) files, then you can copy the NotationMusician263Setup.exe or NotationComposer263Setup.exe directly to the CD-ROM, ZIP disk, etc. The Notation software license does not permit someone residing in another household to install your copy of Notation on his or her computer. Please do not use your backup copy of Notation to distribute the software to someone else or a computer outside of your household. We are delighted when our satisfied Notation customers refer other friends and relatives to our product. Please support our efforts to continue the development of music software products by encouraging your friends and relatives to purchase our software, rather than pass on a copy of the software to them in violation of the software license.

For version 3:  Please refer to the instructions in Help/QuickStart Guide for finding and backing up the /Installation folder in the event you need to reinstall your software.


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