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Backing up your software license

Immediately after installing your Notation Software product you should make a safe backup copy of your installation.  We have seen increasing requests for redownloads because customers are not following this simple procedure.  
As a result we at Notation Software are faced with increasing support time and effort, in particular when a harddisk crashes or a PC needs to be re-installed from scratch in case of a virus infection or other event. In version 3 there is a built-in backup capability. In version 3.0.2 this backup is automatically created in a zip file during the installation.
We make it easy - you only need to save this backup zip file on an external drive like a USB or external harddisk. In the QuickStart Guides you will find how to do that.
We also provide instructions on how to use that zip file to reinstall your software should you have a hard drive crash, viral infection that has to be cleaned up, or other event that happens to your computer. By performing your own backup so that you can reinstall the software yourself, you will save yourself time, and we can reduce our service effort and focus more on musician-friendliness and usability of the software. For the QuickStart Guide please see Composer: --------- English Spanish German Musician: --------- English Spanish German ***************

In December 2015 we will begin charging a fee for redownloads that are due to failure to back up the installation as detailed in the QuickStart Guides.
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