Getting the latest update for my version
Posted by Sherry Crann on 12 December 2015 11:46 AM

How do I get the latest update to my version of Notation Musician or Notation Composer?

Please note that versions prior to version 3 are no longer supported - please click here see our announcement.

An update can only be applied to an existing installation on your licensed machine.  To have the download link for the latest update automatically sent to you, please visit the Update/Upgrade assistant page at 

1.  Enter your email address and click "Enter",
2.  At Step 2, click to select the (1)  license you want to update (2) the language variant you want, and click "Enter" below the language selection to continue.
3.  At the Step 3, click to check the box beside the "This license of..." entry.  A "Send link" button will appear.
4.  Click the "Send Link" button, and you will receive an email with your download link in it.

Please contact us at or the "Submit a ticket" tab above if you have any further questions or any problems.

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